Sunday, April 13, 2014

Animal Kingdom Attractions: The Oasis

Some people might argue with me that "The Oasis" at Disney's Animal Kingdom is not an attraction.  But, I think it is!  When you enter this park, you can't get to any of the park's lands without traveling through the Oasis.  This area literally sets the stage for your day in Animal Kingdom and helps you transition from "out there" to "in here."  

Here you will find waterfalls, streams, beautiful plants, habitats, animals and trails.  You are literally in a tropical oasis.  You can find all sorts of animals here, if you keep your eyes open and aren't too rushed to make your way to Expedition Everest or Kilimanjaro Safaris!  Look out for deer, iguanas, anteaters, and birds of all kinds.  

When you enter the Oasis, you have several options.  You can travel towards the Tree of Life and Discovery Island.  You can take your time and look at the birds and animals.  Or you can slow down even more and look at the birds, animals, plants and flowers. 


  • No matter which path you choose in the Oasis, they all end at the same place, the bridge to Discovery Island and the Tree of Life.
  • If you choose the path to the left, chances are you will find the one that is less crowded.  This is true for opening and closing- go left!
  • Wes Palm, a roving palm tree, has been spotted at the Oasis in the past!
  • Have your camera ready even if you are trying to get through the Oasis in a hurry.  You never know when that Macaw will pose for the perfect picture!


  1. We always rush by in the morning, but always take our time in this area as we head to the exit later in the day. There are a lot of little areas to explore.

    1. We usually do the same! We rush to the "big attractions" and stroll through this when we head back for a break or leave for the day! There is so much to see!