Friday, April 4, 2014

PassPorter's Walt Disney World

Have you ever used the PassPorter's Walt Disney World guide book to help plan your WDW vacation?  
I used the 2010 book for a few years and have decided it's time to upgrade to a 2014 book!  There have been so many additions and changes to Walt Disney World in the past few years, it's time for me to add this book to my planning resources.

I look forward to getting this book and providing you with a detailed review of why this is such an awesome book.  I can't wait! :)


  1. I buy a new book for our trips every year, I liked the Disney Cruise Line Passporter edition but I have to admit I was unimpressed with the actual passporter book. I can see it being useful to people that have never been but I just felt like all the information provided was pretty much basic knowledge and stuff I could look up online. I did like looking at all the photos and the pull out maps!

  2. The pull out maps were great! I found a few new things in this book, but as an avid Disney fan, there's not too much new stuff in any of the planning books out now!