Friday, April 4, 2014

Star Wars Weekends at Home with Stormtrooper Pops

My son and I want to go to Star Wars Weekends at Disney's Hollywood Studios so bad we can taste it!  But, since we are going to WDW this fall for 8 days, dad says we can't go to Star Wars Weekends.  Pretty sad.  Maybe next year.

This year, Star Wars Weekends will be held each Friday - Sunday from May 16th through June 15th.  If we were going, this is what I'd most look forward to seeing and doing:
  • Seeing Disney characters (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc.) dressed as Star Wars Characters (Luke, Leia, Darth, etc.).
  • Star Wars parades.
  • Darth Mall- shopping for Star Wars "stuff."
  • Meeting Star Wars Characters.
  • Jedi Training.
  • Star Wars Dining at Hollywood & Vine.
But since we won't be able to do any of this... this year... we'll have to have our own Star Wars Weekends at home.
  • We can dress in our Star Wars Halloween costumes.
  • We can watch Star Wars movies.
  • We can sing and dance to Star Wars music and have our own parade.
  • We can play with daddy's original 1970's Star Wars figures AND C-man's 2014 figures!
  • We can make Star Wars food like we had at C-man's birthday party.

This project ended up taking a WEEK to finish!  Below are the instructions and TIPS I have if you want to try it yourself!  Thankfully, we had fun and they turned out kinda cute! :)
First, make sure you have the right supplies.  I had Peeps, edible markers from Wilton and white chocolate chips to melt.  First, the Nestle's chips were too thick and just glopped up on the peeps.  I had to go to the store the next day to get Candy Wafers.  Once we had the peeps covered in chocolate, the Wilton markers wouldn't write on them.  I had to order Gourmet Writer's off Amazon which took 5 days to get here.  Finally, a week later we could draw on our chocolate covered peeps.  I have no idea if they will even be edible at this point!

 First, C-man put the sucker sticks in the end of the peeps.  Then we melted the chocolate and dipped the peeps in swirling off the extra chocolate.  We let them dry on wax paper as the "real" Stormtroopers looked on!  
Finally, after ordering the right edible markers, we I was able to draw the "faces" on the peeps to have Stormtrooper pops!

How would you celebrate Star Wars Weekends at home?  I'd love to hear!

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  1. Oh my gosh - those Storm Trooper pops! SO. MUCH. WORK! But they turned out so cute! You have way more patience than I do, apparently!