Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tips for a Relaxing Walt Disney World Vacation

Honestly, I wouldn't plan on a relaxing vacation if I were traveling with my boys!  It seems like those trips are all hustle and bustle!  But, if I were traveling with adult friends or my husband, I would definitely want a more relaxed vacation!

Here are a few tips for helping make a Walt Disney World vacation somewhat relaxing. 

  • Consider staying off property.  I know, this goes against everything I've always said about a Disney vacation!  I LOVE staying on property, but staying a few miles from Disney may allow you to get a cheaper room, a full sized house with a pool or more amenities.  It also allows you to get away from the characters and fanfare- which for some people is needed (not me though!).  There are several relaxing hotels in the Orlando/ Disney area that offer spa treatments, lazy river rides, nature hikes and more.
  • Split your vacation between Walt Disney World and the beach.  It's only a 2 hour drive to Tampa/ St Pete on the Gulf or just over an hour to the Atlantic coast where you can visit Cocoa or Daytona Beach.
  • Choose only 2 of the 4 parks to visit (based on your families interests and kids ages) and get there at park opening to get the most out of your stay.  Spend the other days on the golf course, at the spa, at the resort pool or walking the grounds.
  • Make dining reservations at restaurants that aren't so busy and noisy.  The Crystal Palace, Garden Grill or Tusker House would be good eats with characters and less crowds.
  • If your schedule allows it, consider visiting in late summer or fall when rates and crowds are lowest.  It won't be as congested and busy, which makes me feel more relaxed! :)
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  1. Definitely some great relaxing tips!

    1. I hope so! Too many people think you can't relax at WDW!!

  2. Every few years we rent a private house instead of staying onsite and you're right it is more relaxing. You can chill out by the pool without having to fight over sun loungers, and there's usually a games room with a pool table or video games.

    1. I'd love to try that sometime. If we ever try to do more than just Disney while in Orlando, we may look into renting a house.