Thursday, May 22, 2014

Magic Kingdom Attractions: Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom Park opened in 1971.  This attraction is 10 minutes long.  During this outdoor cruise, you will encounter exotic rivers from 4 different continents, lots of animatronic animals and several corny jokes by your skipper!  The jokes told by the skipper can make or break you experience... trust me, I've had great ones and not so good ones.  

The queue for this attraction is quite lengthy.  Just when you think you are approaching the boat loading area, you turn a corner to start a whole new group of queues.  However, if you wait in line take notice of the architectural details, read the signs and posters, look for hidden Mickeys and listen to the cast members.  They will be sharing some corny jokes that will resemble some you will hear from the skippers.  Once you do board, take note of the boat you are riding.  These boats are made to look like the boat in the movie, The African Queen.  On your cruise you will encounter the following rivers: the Amazon in South America; the Congo in Africa; the Nile in Egypt; and the Mekong river in Cambodia.  My favorite part of this attraction is the backside of water! :)

  • Riders in wheelchairs or ECVs may remain in them at this attraction but will need to wait for the"Bomokandi Bertha" boat that is equipped to hold wheelchairs.  Melissa from Disney on Wheels has a great post about this accessible attraction.
  • I enjoy this attraction more at night.  The skippers seem funnier (or maybe I'm just punchier!) and the lines seem shorter.
  • This is a Fastpass+ attraction.  If you are determined to ride, consider planning for a Fastpass+.
  • There is a dark tunnel in this attraction. Small children may be frightened.  Consider a small flashlight or glow stick to help calm fears of the dark.
  • During the 2013 Holiday season, the Jungle Cruise became the Jingle Cruise.  

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