Saturday, May 3, 2014

Magic Kingdom Attractions: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Walt Disney World on December 15, 1973.  Walt had this idea in the 1950s but it wasn't until the mid 1960's that he and his team were able to make it a reality.  The original Pirates of the Caribbean opened in Disneyland in California in 1967.  

This attraction will take you on a boat ride through the West Indies in the 1700's when Spain brought gold from the New World back home and the pirates were waiting.  You will sail for 8 1/2 minutes as you see Pirate ships battling in the Caribbean, searching for gold in the city, chasing women, sitting in jail, drinking beer and singing songs.  There are 125 Audio-Animatronics figures including 65 pirates and villagers and 60 animals and birds.  


  • This is a must do attraction at Walt Disney World!  It's a classic!
  • As you are waiting for this attraction, take notice of the things in the queue.  Imagineers did a great job theming this as you wait.
  • When it's hot or rainy, this is a great attraction to head to.  The queue and attraction are all indoors.
  • This is a dark attraction.  If your children are scared, bring a small keychain size light to turn on to help with the fear.
  • Some kids are scared of the Pirates and this attraction.  My son rode as early as 22 months and loved it!  If your child is scared, suggest looking for silly things the pirates are doing rather than focusing on the "bad stuff." Or have your child search for animals among the different scenes.  It may take her mind off the pirates.


  1. These are great tips for visiting Pirates of the Caribbean!

    1. Thanks Ken! Hopefully they will help someone planning a trip!