Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Magical Creations and Celebrations by Disney Donna Kay

I am a lucky girl.  I have the best friends ever- from college until now, I've been surrounded by wonderful people.  Even in my blogging life,  I'm surrounded by the best!

My sweet Disney friend and fellow Auburn fan, Donna Kay has showered my with goodies from her etsy shop, Magical Creations and Celebrations!  Over time, she has shared a decal I have on my laptop, a mailbox address decal, t-shirts and more!

Our most recent surprise from Donna Kay were t-shirts for me and C-man.  Since C-man is on a huge Star Wars kick, it was appropriate that he got a Darth Vader shirt.  I got a chevron Mickey shirt with my initials!

We have actually had these shirts for a few months... but we wear them so often, I couldn't get them both clean and on us to get photos together!  One day we lucked out and both wore our shirts from Donna Kay and they were clean!  C-man insisted on 'posing' as a Star Wars character.  I have no idea who he thinks he is in these photos!  I also had to pull my hair up to show how cute the back is- so excuse the way I look! ha!

These shirts have been through the wash several times.  I turn both inside out when I wash them- just in case!  So far, we have had no trouble at all with the decals coming off, cracking or fading.  We can't wait to wear them on our next Walt Disney World Vacation!

Thanks Donna Kay for the great surprise!  You can visit her etsy store, Magical Creations and Celebrations or her blog Disney Donna Kay.  Tell her I sent you an

d order a few products from her!  She does outstanding work!  In fact, we'll be ordering more before our trip! :)


  1. Thanks Beth!! You both looks so cute in the shirts!! Glad you like them, I will be working on something new for you soon!!

  2. You two make adorable models! I love Donna Kay's work!