Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Creative Disney Date with Magical Blogorail Red

Welcome to the first stop aboard Magical Blogorail Red.  Enjoy the ride as we share date ideas based on some of our favorite Disney movies.

While preparing for this post, I went through all the Disney movies in m
y head.  I tried my hardest to think of a scene or part of the movie that could be easily recreated in my hometown of Decatur, Alabama.  I was at a loss.  I couldn't come up with a thing.

Then it hit me.  The Princess and the Frog.  While we are not in New Orleans or even Louisiana, I thought there were plenty of elements in this movie that could be easily recreated in another southern town!  Here are my ideas and suggestions for having a nice "Princess and the Frog" date with your significant other!

1. Find a cajun or creole style restaurant to have dinner.  If you don't have a cajun, creole or New Orleans style restaurant in your hometown, cook your own!  There are lots of great recipes out there.  For us, we would visit the Po Boy Factory in Huntsville, AL.  
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2. Enjoy a night on a Riverboat cruise.  In Decatur, we have the Pickwick Belle Paddle Wheel Riverboat that goes out on dinner cruises several times a month.  I would love to schedule a dinner cruise on the Tennessee River with my sweetie!  Having a jazz band playing would make it perfect- especially if Louis were playing! :)
image from River Walk Yacht Club
3. Take a stroll by the river.  We are lucky to be located on the river, so taking a walk on the riverbanks is easy to do.  There is nothing better than walking hand in hand by the riverbank.  The best is catching a great sunset or a full moon reflecting off the water.  Seeing the firefly's dance in the sky would make it all the better!  Ray + Evangeline= True Love.
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4. Find a place that plays jazz music and put on your dancing shoes!  Dancing with your other half to jazz music is a fabulous way to recreate The Princess and the Frog!  You can look up youtube videos on "how to dance to jazz music with a partner" before the big date!
image from Home Depot 
5. If you don't have access to any of the above suggestions, you can always recreate a scene in your backyard!  String white Christmas lights across the patio or in the trees.  Light candles and tea lights on the table.  Enjoy a home cooked cajun/ creole meal under the stars and lights you hung.  Create a good Louis Armstrong Jazz playlist.  If you are so inclined, watch The Princess and the Frog outside using a projector and a white sheet hung on the side of the house!

Thank you for joining me today. Your next stop on the Magical Blogorail Loop is Magical Mouse Schoolhouse.

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  1. What a great idea, Beth! It seems funny, but we could actually do several of these suggestion right here in central PA! And, believe it or not, the kids and I have plans to ride a paddle wheel ferry later today!

  2. Sounds lovely! Very romantic and relaxing. Would you prefer some creole or the etouffee? ;)

  3. This is so sweet! The music from The Princess and the Frog is my favorite. Don't you think Disney parks should do a Princess and the Frog dance party?

  4. I have to confess that I haven't seen this movie yet. But your date ideas sound like lots of fun! Have you ever done a riverboat cruise?

  5. I love your ideas! While we don't have a riverboat nearby, we do have lots of Jazz clubs in the NYC area. Do you have a favorite creole or cajun dish?

  6. I love the idea of Christmas lights on the patio! So pretty!

  7. I love the create your own backyard idea! We actually have a little river cruise by us.. I have always wanted to try it... :D ~Maureen Two Moms and A Mouse

  8. What a unique date night idea! I love it!

  9. I love your ideas! I definitely think you need to head up to the Tennessee River. We can make it a double date. :)

  10. Living in Houston, we can easily find that bayou romance. There is nothing like jazz in the air on a slightly warm and humid summer night.