Thursday, August 14, 2014

Disney's Planes Fire & Rescue: Fire Blastin' Dusty {Review}

This summer, we had the privilege of sharing the press release for the new Planes: Fire & Rescue products from Disney.  Then we were sent our own "Fire Blastin' Dusty" to review.  When we received the plane, we enjoyed it, but didn't love it right away.  The reason was because we had not seen the movie yet.  

Both of my boys enjoyed playing with Dusty in the backyard.  C-man, my 5 year old, would shoot the water balls and Big E, my almost 2 year old, would gather up the balls to help reload.  This "game" went on for at least 20 minutes!  We tried playing inside with Dusty, but the water balls were shooting too many things that didn't need to be shot!  It was also harder to collect the water balls when they rolled under beds, couches, and other furniture.  We definitely enjoyed playing with this toy better outside.

Then, we went to see the movie!  Whoa!  Our love for Dusty grew on and off screen.  Planes: Fire & Rescue was a quick favorite at our house.  (C-man wakes up each morning saying, "Mommy, 'I like watching you sleep!'"  That was his favorite line.)  Since seeing the movie, our Dusty plane has been played with and loved on more and more.
The quality of this product is great.  It is sturdy, durable and fun to play with.  The phrases Dusty says are so fun and shooting the water balls are a hit with both boys.  While my youngest can't do it by himself, he's fine collecting the water balls!  My favorite part is how the water balls can be stored under the plane.  I hate toys with parts that end up all over the house or my boys rooms!  One thing to consider about this toy though is the size of the water balls.  These could be a choking hazard to young children if they tend to put toys in their mouth.

If you have little boys at your house, you need to do 2 things:
1) See Planes: Fire & Rescue.

2) Get your own Dusty and Planes products to enjoy at home!
You won't regret either!

Thanks for this opportunity to review this product on my blog.

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