Friday, August 22, 2014

Dumbo Birthday Invitation

My youngest son, Big E, will turn 2 in a few weeks.  Two?  Really?  So to celebrate, we will be having a Dumbo themed party at our house.   I have found lots of ideas on Pinterest for decorations, invitations, cakes, clothes, and food, but can't find a lot of ideas for games and activities for 2 year olds!

So far, we are planning on lots of large bouncy balls from the bins at Wal Mart, our swing set in the back yard, a toddler size bouncy house, tunnels to crawl through, sidewalk chalk and lots of bubbles.  In case of rain, we'll stay inside with Dumbo playing on the TV and let them act like fools! :)

What suggestions do you have for 2 year olds to do at a Dumbo themed birthday party?

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  1. We hosted my son's two year birthday party and the activity that was the big hit was a bag of dollar store pipe cleaners! The kids loved making flowers, glasses and just had fun bending and twisting them. Dumbo is a cute theme, have fun planning!