Thursday, August 7, 2014

Princess Goldfish Crackers: Perfect for Disney {sponsored}

Our family loves Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Crackers.  My boys eat Goldfish with meals, as snacks and as breakfast from time to time.  When we travel, we always have bags of Goldfish Crackers and Walt Disney World vacations are no exception!  We carry Goldfish in snack containers in our backpack for the kids.  They are a lifesaver.

When I found out Pepperidge Farm came out with pink princess Goldfish, I was honestly quite excited!  I immediately thought, this will make our Goldfish snacks at Disney a bit more "appropriate" for the parks!  I always try to find Disney themed foods to carry into the parks.  While the Princess Goldfish aren't exactly "Disney", they are pink and called "Princesses."  When I hear the word princess, the word Disney comes to mind! 

Both of my boys loved the Princess Goldfish.  The taste was the same as the orange Goldfish and neither of my boys even baulked at them being pink and only for girls.  My 5 year old actually took one of our bags to school to share with his class because he said they would love them.  Apparently, he was right!

We will be buying more Goldfish in the future and as the only girl in our family, I look forward to eating the Princess themed ones!

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