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The Bouqs Company Floral Review {Sponsored}

Recently, I was contacted by The Bouqs Flower Company about doing a review on my blog. At first my thoughts were, "No, I don't have time for that and it doesn't fit with my blog."  But after looking at the web site and talking with my husband, we thought I should give it a try!

Our first thought was, how cool it would be to have fresh flowers delivered to our Walt Disney World resort!  How awesome would it be to have fresh flowers in your resort room to help make it feel a bit more like home and a little less like a hotel room!  Our second thought was, how cool would it be to have fresh flowers AT HOME!?  We never have flowers around here.  I can't seem to keep live, potted plants alive and I don't like to spend money on fresh flowers that will die.  So, free flowers, yes! :)

When exploring The Bouqs Company web site, I was impressed.  I liked that the flowers were cut fresh prior to delivery, they did not waste blooms and they took care of their employees.  All of these things were positive in my mind.  
Once I agreed to review a bouquet from The Bouqs Company on my blog, I was able to choose free flowers from the web site.  I chose the "Dawn" roses.  I loved the orange color and the fact that they were not the traditional "Red Rose" bouquet!  These flowers are $40 for a dozen, $50 for 2 dozen and $70 for 3 dozen.  Here is the description from the web site:
Our Orange premium Roses are a magical sight when fully bloomed. Grown on a Volcano and cut-to-order, this flower bunch will blow them away like a breathtaking sunrise. Our flowers are shipped straight from our eco-friendly, sustainable farms on the Volcano to your recipient's door, with Free Delivery!
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Ordering online was an easy process.  Once my order was placed, all I had to do was wait!  When my order was placed, I received an email.  When my order was shipped, I received an email.  After my order arrived from FedEx, I was excited!

When the flowers came, I was at work.  Luckily, my husband was home and he was sweet enough to take photos with his phone of the packaging!  When I first saw the packaging, I was fearful that these flowers would be squished, dead or wilted.  I didn't know what to expect since I had not received flowers by mail before, but this wasn't it!  I thought they would come in some sort of cooling box- like food is packaged in when it's shipped.  But, these came in a box and the flowers were packed tightly in the box.

On the outside of the box, the directions were very clear.  First, fill the vase (that is not provided) with water and flower food (provided).  Next, remove the packaging, cardboard and rubber bands then cut the stems the length you want at a diagonal, under running water.  Once the stems are the length you want, pull off any leaves below the water line or leaves that prevent you from arranging the flowers the way you'd like.  You do need to remember to change the water and pull out dead leaves/ flowers over the next week to keep the bouquet looking fresh.

When I started "arranging" my flowers after I had cut the stems and pulled off some leaves, I realized the one flower vase I owned was not large enough!  I had 2 dozen roses (actually I had 26) that had full blooms.  My little vase was too small, so I had to use a glass water pitcher to hold the remaining flowers!  

Of the 26 flowers, I did have to toss 3 of them.  They were too wilted or bruised looking to use in my arrangement.  On day 2, I had to remove a few more blooms.  They started opening up too much and petals were falling off onto the countertop.  The remaining flowers lasted about 8 days before it was time to get rid of them.  

Overall, I was impressed with my experience with The Bouqs Company.  The ordering process, delivery time and instructions were easy.  I do wish they came with a vase!  I was not prepared for 2 dozen flowers.  I also wish they had come with a quick tutorial on HOW to arrange flowers!  I had never done this before.  In the past, my flowers came arranged in a vase and I didn't have to do anything.  I had no idea how to get the flowers to "look right" in the vase(s)!  In the end, I think I did an OK job, but I was totally guessing on what to do.  
The Bouqs - Premium Farm Direct Flowers

Based on my experience, I would endorse The Bouqs to family and friends who are going to order flowers online.  I had a positive experience and hope you will too.

*I did receive free flowers for writing this post.  I also have affiliate links in this post, so if you order flowers from one of these links I will receive a small compensation. 

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