Monday, August 11, 2014

Where In Disney? iPhone App

I'm always looking for new Disney Apps for my iPhone.  Recently, I was contacted about the new "Where in Disney?" app by Charlyn Keating Media, LLC.  This app allows park guests to search for things at Walt Disney World: foods, souvenirs, attractions, restrooms and more!  Below is a description of the app as well as information about the designer.  A review will be coming soon!

Where in Disney?
The app that gives users the power to search for anything, in dozens of categories, giving visitors to Disney World even more time to enjoy the magic. With over 8,000 items, you can zero on the Elsa plush doll that would make a little girls day or a gluten free snack for the family member with dietary restrictions.

Speaking of Elsa, as a Disney fan, you know all about the Frozen celebration happening this summer at Hollywood studios. But, did you know that the hot spot for Frozen merchandise, the Wandering Oaken's Trading Post, is so popular that there is a line to get inside? Where In Disney? allows you to search and find that popular Frozen merchandise at other locations throughout the resort, where you likely won't have to wait.

Since the app came out last month, guests in the parks have searched for everything from steak to snow globes. They can mark their favorites to make them easy to find on their next visit, and access the favorites everyone else has chosen as the best in the parks.

You can upgrade within the app for extended search results, as well as access to thousands of color photos and Google maps. Once you’re found an item you’re looking for, the photos help you see the fa├žade of the restaurant or shop you need. Coming soon are photos showing you what they look like, whether it’s the truffled mac & cheese hot dog at Friar’s Nook or the new Frozen iPhone cases. The Google maps help you pinpoint where exactly in the park you can find the item.

Where in Disney? is Free but only available on the AppStore! You can Download it today and you can upgrade to the premium version later with an in-app purchase.

All about the designer, Charlyn.
"I'm originally from New Orleans but moved to Celebration, the town that Disney built, to work as a project manager on the web site. Although I loved being close to Disney World, I didn't love working for the mouse, so before too long I struck out on my own. Living close enough to Disney to hear the fireworks had a lot of perks; I could pop over to Epcot and have lunch in Morocco, Japan or France on any given weekday. Friends and family would visit and expect me to play tour guide. Having a good knowledge of where everything was served me well, but even I was often stumped with some of their questions. Where can I get a hot dog for my picky kid in Epcot (answer: only two locations, both in World Showcase).

Where can I find the really popular Anna & Elsa dolls from Frozen (answer: only two places, and one has a really long line to get in). 

What rides can I take my 4-year-old on? Where can I get a really good craft beer? Who's got gluten-free snacks?

I combed through the four theme parks and all of Downtown Disney and cataloged everything. And I mean EVERYTHING. Cocktails, shop merchandise, attractions, character meet-and-greets, lunch & dinner menus, snacks. I put it all in a searchable database, accessible whether you're using Disney's free in-park Wi-Fi or not. Loved the Jalepeno Margarita in the Mexico
pavilion? You can mark your favorites to make it easy to find them again on your next trip. You can also see the favorites everyone else has marked, handy when you're looking for the most popular snacks and souvenirs.

It was a bit of a crazy undertaking. A lot of my friends and colleagues just shook their heads at the impossibility of the task I was undertaking. But it's done, and now, guests are using it every day to search for everything from Mickey ears to Sake.

No one else has attempted this. It's designed to be both searchable and browsable. You can scroll through dozens of categories to get an idea of the breadth of what's available (Chinese brocade dog shirts? Voodoo Dolls?) or search for something specific.

It's both useful and fun. You can use it while you're in the parks ("Where can I get a bandaid?") or back at your resort ("Where can we get a really good steak tomorrow?"). You can even use it before you leave home ("Where can I get gluten-free snacks?" "What Monsters University souvenirs do the shops carry?") It can help you plan your vacation and predict or set a budget for food and souvenirs. Once at the park, it can save you time, money and frustration."

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