Thursday, September 25, 2014

Disney Pixar Spot It! Words {Sponsored}

"Spot it! Words" is a new award winning game from Blue Orange Games.  This is an educational card game where 55 circular cards are covered with images from Pixar films along with corresponding words for beginning readers.  The object is to match picture to picture, picture to word or word to word.  Between any 2 cards, there is always one, and only one, match.  This fast paced game is great for developing word recognition, vocabulary and reading comprehension.  

There are three games suggested in the instruction pamphlet.   Game 1 is Twins: Be the first to find the matching symbol/ word on both cards.  The player with the most cards wins.  Game 2 is The Tower: Each player has their own card.  As the top card on the pile (or the tower) is turned over, be the first to find the matching symbol on your card.  The player with the most cards wins.  Game 3 is The Well: Each player tries to get rid of their personal cards by finding the matching symbol on their top card and the center card.  The player to run out of cards first wins.  
This game is created for children ages 6 and up, but some children who are younger may be able to play.  While my 5 year old is not reading, he was able to play by matching pictures.  We matched pictures that were true matches (Woody & Woody) and pictures that matched based on their film (Sully & Boo).  He had fun and the 2 year old enjoyed looking at the cards naming the characters and trying to make the cards stick to his shirt since he thought they were stickers!
While we are still a bit young to play the three games suggested in the pamphlet we still enjoyed this game.  The pictures are fun, familiar images.  My boys enjoyed looking at the pictures and naming them!  I think in a few years we will really start playing this game competitively!  For now, it's a great, compact game to throw in the backpack when we go to Disney!  It's small and won't take up space and can be a great distraction while waiting in lines or for shows and parades.
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  1. I always like to get my kids a new game for Christmas. I think they'd really like this one. Thanks for the great review.