Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Star Wars Reads Day- A Disappointment | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

We were so excited about Star Wars Reads day last Saturday, October 11, 2014.  C-man and I had read all about it on the web site and I even shared all the details here on my blog.  When we found out our local Books A Million was participating, we planned our day around this event.  C-man wore his Star Wars shirt and Big E even stayed home with daddy so we could have some Star Wars time together.  

When we got to BAM, there was nothing.  We looked on our own all around the store and there were no signs of Star Wars Reads Day.  We arrived around 2:10 and the event "started" at 2:00.  I thought they may just be a bit behind.  When we asked the customer service desk about it, they directed us to the Star Wars section of books.  They didn't know about Star Wars Reads Day.  

We were quite disappointed.  Instead of hearing Star Wars books, maybe participating in a craft or a game, we got to pick out Star Wars books to buy and read at home.  Oh, we also got to try on Pug Dog masks.

Next year, I'll just plan to do my own Star Wars Reads Day at home. :(

Did anyone else participate?  I hope you had better luck than we did!

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