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Oxygenics Mickey Mouse Shower Head {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Disclosure: I was sent the Oxygenics Disney Mickey Mouse Shower Head to review on my blog. All opinions expressed are my own.
Our youngest boys love bath time. Each night they rush to the bathroom to get in the tub and get a bath.  They love the bubbles, the toys and the splashing.  However, my youngest does not like having water poured over his head so I can wash his hair!

Recently, this bath time problem was resolved.  We were given the Disney Mickey Mouse Combo Shower Head from Oxygenics to review.  First, the shower heads were very easy to install. It literally took minutes to take our old shower head off and install the combo shower head.  The only tool needed is Channellocks.  If you don't have access to this tool, pliers or vice grips will work.  The plumbers tape was included with the shower head and the instructions were easy to follow as well.

After using this shower head for several nights, we definitely have thoughts about this product! My youngest boys, ages 2 and 5, love it.  They love having Mickey Mouse in the bath with them, the different sprays from the shower head, and the novelty of having 2 shower heads.  However, my 14 year old son does not like it! Having Mickey spraying water out of his head onto a 14 year old is not "cool."  In fact, it's a bit babyish.  

As the mom using this combo shower head to bathe my boys there were several things I liked the most about this product.  
  1. I like the fact that my 5 year old can "practice" showering with the handheld shower head.  It has helped him ease into showering by himself.  
  2. I like the durability of the product. Having 2 boys, this product took quite a beating in the bath tub!  It stood up to the test.  It's not only durable, but also easy to handle, use and clean.
  3. The detachable shower head was great.  The 72 inch hose allowed me to rinse both boys heads with ease.  Once I was finished with the boy closest to the faucet, I could stretch the hose to the back of the tub to rinse the second boys hair.  
  4. The control lever allowed me to turn off the water at the detachable shower head instead of at the main water control. This made lathering shampoo and soap easy since I could turn on and off the shower head with the flip of a switch on the handle.
There were also a few things I liked the least about this product.
  1. The water pressure coming out of our faucet into the tub weakened after the shower head was attached.  At first, I thought it was all in my head.  When my14 year old complained about the water pressure, I realized it wasn't me.  I temporarily took off our Mickey Mouse shower head to see if the pressure came back and it did. I still don't know why the water pressure out of the faucet would change even when the shower was not turned on.
  2. Even though I liked the 72 inch hose when I was trying to rinse my son's hair who was farthest away from the faucet, I did not like the length of the hose when it was attached to the shower head.  There was so much slack in the hose that it got in the way when we were trying to shower.  I also didn't like the detached shower head dangling into the tub water when we were not using it.
Features of the Oxygenics Mickey Mouse Shower Head:
image from Oxygenics
  • 15 total spray combinations with Oxygenics pressure-boosting technology
  • 3 powerful spray settings 
  • 72 inch hose
  • Non-slip rubber grip
  • Comfort control lever easily adjusts pressure
  • Easy-clean nozzles
  • Shower heads can be used individually or together
Overall, we really enjoy this shower head.  It made bath time fun again for both of my boys and the youngest didn't cry when it was time to rinse the shampoo.  The features on the shower head(s) that allowed for all the different combinations were a hit.  Having Mickey Mouse in the bath tub with us was awesome!  It made coming home from Walt Disney World a bit easier knowing Mickey would be with us every day in the bath tub!
image from Oxygenics
If you are interested in purchasing this product, you can buy it direct from Oxygenics or look for it at your local Sam's Club in the near future. 

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