Friday, January 23, 2015

Dumbo Birthday Party Activities | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

On a warm hot September day, what do you do with 9 kids at a two year old's, Dumbo themed birthday party??? Stick em in the backyard!  That was majority of our "activities" for our Dumbo party.  We were very lucky to have beautiful weather that day.  
We started with a toddler size blow up castle.  While I would have loved to have one that had a circus tent feel, we already owned this one and I couldn't think of paying to rent one! Plus, very few kids actually got in it... must have been too hot!

 I already had a ton of plastic flags you see at a car dealership stored in my office at church.  We strung those across the back fence to help give the yard a "Circus" feel!  I also found some big, bright, bouncy balls at Walmart for a few bucks each.  These reminded me of the balls the elephants balance on in the movie!
Instead of jumping in the blow up castle or playing with the big, bouncy balls, most of the kids stayed on our swing set!  I have dozens and dozens of photos of these kids swinging, climbing and sliding!

Back inside, we had "Pin the Feather on Dumbo."  Very few wanted to play, but it was there.  It also added some cute decorations to the party!  Thanks to my talented dad for drawing Dumbo for us!
As many of the kids we could wrangle for a photo!

Just the little guys from Miss Hannah's and Miss Amanda's class!
Decatur High, watch out! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our Big E! What would we do without your silly little smile and personality!  You bring us more joy than you know each and every day.  We love you!

And we especially love the way you help clean up after your party with only one sock and shoe on! 

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