Thursday, January 22, 2015

Dumbo Birthday Party Decorations | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Now that I've become familiar with My Memories Suite software for digital scrapbooking, I've started making most of my own decorations for parties.  This party was no exception.  I did buy the table cloths, balloons, plates, napkins and utensils though! :)
 First our table was covered with a plastic, striped table cloth.  I found a Dumbo hardback book at the Dollar Tree and we had 2 Dumbo stuffed animals that were used as the center piece of the serving table.  I made the banner that said Happy Birthday and all the food tents with My Memories Suite.  I used the "Circus" font and did a google search for Dumbo character images to use as my clip art on the food tents.

Stuffed animals and a book served as our center piece.

I tried my best to create a Circus Tent feel in my kitchen.  I used 8 foot long, red, plastic table cloths.  I tied a knot in one end and used push pins to hold it in the ceiling.  I then draped the non knotted end to the corners of the room and secured them with push pins.  While I loved the look of the "big top" it did bring way too much attention to my horrible kitchen light! 

The party favors were a box of Barnum's Animal Crackers.  While this is not really a decoration, I did line them all up on my mantle for everyone to grab on their way out.  I count it as decorations since there was no more room on the mantle for anything else! :)

Last but not least is Big E's amazing t-shirt!  My great Disney friend, Donna Kay, made this for him.  It also had his name across the bottom in a Circus font.  He loved his "Dummo" shirt!

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