Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dumbo Birthday Party Food | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

My sweet baby boy, Big E, turned two in SEPTEMBER!!  I've just now had time to sit down and share my photos and thoughts with you all about his party. As soon as his birthday was over, we were in full planning mode for our October/ November WDW trip (which I still haven't written about...) and I never took the time to blog about his party.  Once we returned, it was crunch time for Christmas and the holidays.  Now, I'm finally making time to share! :)
No party is complete without food.  I think this has become my favorite part of party planning!  Once again, my mom did an amazing job with the cake and cupcakes!  The original plan for the cupcakes was to add a "Nutter Butter" peanut shaped cookie to the top.  When I added the cookie to the first cupcake, I knew it wasn't going to work!  Either the cupcakes were way too small or the cookies were way too big!  The small, "Nutter Butter Bites" cookies are not peanut shape, so those were out of the question. We decided to forgo the cookies and just serve iced cupcakes.


It was really difficult to come up with creative, Dumbo themed names for toddler friendly foods.  I decided to just name all the foods using characters from the movie!  This is what we served:
WDP Circus Hot Dogs
(WDP was the name of the circus in Dumbo.  WDP is "Walt Disney Productions")

Crows Popcorn

Timothy's Watermelon

Mr. Stork's Carrots

Happy Gummies
There were no Dumbo or circus themed gummies to be found.  At a 2 year olds party, gummies are necessary!  Smiley faces were the best we could do.

Casey Jr. Grapes

Elephant Ear Chips

Pink Elephant Cookies

Circus Peanuts~ The candy and actual peanuts!

That's it!  We had great food, great fun and great friends at our party!  What would you add to the menu in keeping with a Dumbo theme?

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