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Mickey Mouse Pull String Pinata Tutorial | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Last year when we hosted a #DisneySide @Home Celebration, I spent quite a bit of time making a pull string pinata for the party.  I have had the pictures on my computer for almost a year and never got around to posting a tutorial.  

Now that everyone else is planning 2015 #DisneySide parties, I thought I'd share how I made my Mickey Mouse Pull String Pinata. Thanks to Alicia Policia for providing the inspiration and the awesome directions!

Supplies needed:

  • cardboard box
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • stencil to trace the shape or picture to sketch
  • pipe cleaners
  • tissue paper cut into 2-3 inch squares
  • glue- (I used Tacky glue)
  • plate
  • duct tape
  • crepe paper streamers
  • curling ribbon
  • wrapping paper for the bottom
  • rope

1. Star with a large cardboard box.  Cut the seams so the box lays flat on the ground. 
2. Trace or draw your shape on the box. I was lucky to have an old Disney Trivia game where the game board was the shape of Mickey's head.  Perfect for drawing the perfect Mickey Mouse head for my pinata!

 3. Once the shape is drawn cut out the front and back of Mickey's head.  
4. If your shape has any fold from the box, use additional strips of cardboard and duct tape to reinforce those folds.
 5. On the side of your pinata that is going to be the back, cut a "trap door."  Make sure you add a "door knob" of some sort to make it easy to find the door once tissue paper is added.  (You'll be able to see my pipe cleaner pull in a later picture.) This is where you will add your candy and toys once the pinata is complete.
6. Next, you need to measure the circumference of the Mickey shape and cut a long strip of cardboard about 3 inches wide that will be the sides of the pinata. Once the cardboard strip is cut, you'll need to roll it up, breaking the corrugated lines making it easy to maneuver around the ears and curves.   
 7. Using duct tape, start taping the side panel to the front of the Mickey shape.  I tore off 1 inch pieces of tape and slowly worked my way all around the Mickey head taping on the outside of the box.
8. Once the side was taped to the front, I used my scissors to cut a rectangle hole out of the bottom of the Mickey head.  This is where the candy/ toys will fall out once the kids pull the strings.

 9. When the front panel is attached to the sides and the hole is cut in the bottom, use duct tape and secure the sides to the front from what will be the inside of the pinata.
10. When the front of the pinata is secured to the sides with tape on both sides, line up the back of the pinata (with the trap door) and start taping it secure.  Notice my pipe cleaner "door knob"!  I cut a small hole in the trap door and threaded a folded pipe cleaner through it, securing it with duct tape on the backside.

 11. Once the back side is attached on the outside, start working on the inside of the pinata.  You'll need to reach in with small pieces of duct tape to secure the back panel to the sides.
12. Once it's all taped together, inside and out, add the hangar to the top.  Again, I folded a pipe cleaner and stuck it through a small hole in the top.  I was able to reach inside through the trap door to secure it with LOTS of duct tape!  The "shell" of your pinata is now complete.  On to the decorations!
13. For the decorations on the outside, cut your tissue paper into 2-3 inch squares.  Squirt your glue onto a paper plate.
 14. I started by wrapping the tissue paper squares over the eraser end of a pencil, dipping the paper into the glue and sticking it on the Mickey shape cardboard.  This was taking way too long, so I started bunching up the tissue paper and dipping the center in the glue.  Much easier!
15. I chose to do a multicolored pinata. While I was gluing the tissue paper onto Mickey, I had to be mindful of "mixing up" my colors so they would be evenly distributed.  If you choose to go with an all black Mickey, it would be much easier!

 16. Here is the finished product!  Both sides of the pinata are covered with tissue paper.  If you look closely in the center, you can see the black pipe cleaner pull tab for the trap door.  Once I had finished the tissue paper on the front and back, I was worried I would lose the shape of Mickey if I added tissue paper to the sides as well.  I thought it would end up looking like a big rainbow blob. I decided to cover the sides with red crepe paper streamers instead. You can see this in the last picture.

 17. Making the pull strings was the hardest part for me!  Start by cutting a piece of wrapping paper to fit the hole in the bottom of the pinata.  Make marks on the wrapping paper where you want pull strings to come out so each person at the party will have a string to pull.  Cut your curling ribbon 2-3 yards long, so when you thread it up one hole and out another each pull string will be 1- 1 1/2 yards long.  As you are threading the curling ribbon/ pull strings, make sure you are twisting it all around each other on the back side of the wrapping paper.  Alicia does a great job of explaining this part in her tutorial.
18. Once your pull strings are through the wrapping paper, you'll need to feed the strings through the trap door of the pinata and out the bottom.  It's easier to go this way rather than try to push it up through the bottom.  Once the strings are out the bottom and the wrapping paper is in place, secure it with tape.  
19. The pinata should be ready to go.  Fill it with candy, hang it up and start pulling!  Give each guest a string (or 2) to pull.  On the count of three, PULL!! 

Hopefully you'll do your strings better than I did!  Once the kids puled the strings to my pinata, I had to reach up to get the candy to fall out!  The paper did not rip out properly!  Before I use this pinata again, I'm going to make the candy opening larger and do a better job of twisting my pull strings together as they are thread through the wrapping paper!

Wish me luck! :)

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  1. This is awesome!!!! Thanks for sharing your instructions and tips!!