Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Disney Frozen Beauty Collection {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I was sent complimentary samples of this product to review for my blog.  
No further compensation was received and all opinions expressed are my own.

Earlier this month, I shared about the exciting Disney Frozen Beauty Collection from Walgreens.  After I shared the information with you, I was sent my own collection to try and review on my blog.  I was excited.  My 6 year old son was mortified that I had Elsa makeup (He claims to dislike Elsa and Frozen, but deep down he loves it! ;) )  My 2 year old squealed and wanted to put on "the lips," then cried when I wouldn't let him!
 After trying these products for myself, I had several thoughts.
1) While the eyelashes are pretty cool, I don't know where I would ever wear them.  These would be fun to use for a costume party or while playing dress up. 

2) The eyeshadow has incredible colors!  They are bright, bold and sparkly!  I love the range of colors, but I'm a neutral girl when it comes to my shadow.  I would only use this when getting ready for a costume party myself.  One thing I didn't like was not having an applicator.

3) The blush was great.  It was easy to use and easy to blend the three colors.  This would be great for a young girl first learning how to use makeup.  Again, a blush brush would have been nice.

4) The gel eyeliner was pretty cool and new to me.  I didn't have an applicator to help apply the gel as eyeliner, so I used my finger tip and rubbed it across my eyelid.  I used it as an eyeshadow base and loved it!  This is now part of my daily makeup routine!  This too would be great for a young girl first using makeup.

5)  This lipgloss was smooth and glossy!  While the pink color made me feel like my lips were too washed out, it would be great for a young girl to use.  I did like the white, or clear, gloss though.  It added just a hint of sparkle to my lips.  It works great over my lipstick color.  

Overall, I was very impressed with the elf Frozen Beauty Collection from Walgreens.  While I wouldn't use it all as a 40 year old mom, I can use some on a daily basis and would definitely let a daughter use it as well.  It will help you add just the right amount of sparkle to your day! 

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