Thursday, May 21, 2015

7 Ways to Count Down to Disney | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

For Christmas last year, we decided to give our boys "experiences" rather than more "stuff."  JAG got to go to the SEC Basketball Tournament in Nashville.  C-man is going to be going to Star Wars Weekends this month.  Since we found out we were going to Star Wars Weekend, we have been counting down.  I think we've counted down in more ways than ever for this trip!  Here are just a few ways we've been counting down:

1) Our standard "Countdown Calendar" we created several years ago! We pull this out for each trip now and the boys LOVE it!

2) I found the Walt Disney World Vacation Countdown on the Disney Parks Blog right before Christmas last year.  I couldn't wait until we were 99 days out to start counting down!  They also have a Christmas version!

3) Each month I create a picture calendar for my boys showing what all we have going on for the month.  Once we were 4 months out, I could start using the images I found on the Disney Facebook page a few years ago to help countdown!  They include 4, 3, 2, and 1 month out, 3, 2, 1 week out and 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 sleep left and "I'm going to Walt Disney World Today!" I also use these images as my Facebook profile picture to help countdown! :)

4) One of my favorites is the Vacation Countdown for Disney World app for my phone.  It's always fun to open the app to see how many days, hours, minutes and seconds to our trip!

5) This year when C-man opened his WDW vacation, I had a construction paper chain with 154 links.  Each month from December- May was a different color.  We were able to see the months, based on color and days based on links  The last link of the chain is an old Magic Band!

6) A new countdown for this week has been writing on Disney themed napkins the number of days we have left and leaving it in C-mans lunchbox!  

7) Finally, our newest 10 day countdown is our Chewbacca friend!  At Christmas, we have a "Magic Elf" named Raleigh to help us count down to Christmas.  This year, Raleigh sent us a baby Chewie to help us countdown to Star Wars Weekends!


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  1. Love all of your ways to coutndown for Disney! SO cute!!