Friday, June 12, 2015

Spot It! Numbers & Shapes with Olaf {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I was sent a complimentary sample of this products to review for my blog. 
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We have a new favorite game in our house: Spot It!  While we already have the "Disney Pixar Spot It! Words" game, it is just a bit too advanced for my boys still.  C-man is learning how to play the reading version, but this Olaf/ Frozen Spot It! game is perfect!  This is a game my 2 and 6 year old can play together since reading is not involved.  It can keep them occupied for at least 15 minutes! AND, it hasn't started any fights! ;)

There are 31 cards with various pictures, numbers, and shapes on each card.  Between any two cards, there is always a match.  The first person to spot the match on the cards is the winner.  This is a great way for young children to start recognizing and learning numbers and shapes.  There are three ways to play the game which is included in the instruction sheet inside the tin.  Or you can play like we do- make it up as you go!  As long as you find a match, you win! :)  
We have played it individually with a timer to see who can get through all the cards in the shortest amount of time.  We have played where you try to steal cards from your opponent by spotting the match first.  We divide the cards evenly between players and each person turns over 1 card.  If you spot the match first, you get the other person's card to add to your pile. And, of course, we have played "by the rules".

What I like best about this game is it's size!  This tin is about an inch tall and three inches round.  It can fit in my purse, in a backpack or a diaper bag without adding any extra weight or taking up too much space. This is the perfect game to take with you to a restaurant where you wait for your food.  It's great to play while waiting at the doctor's office.  If you are careful, it can even be played in the car.  I think it would be perfect to play while waiting on attractions and shows at Walt Disney World! 
This game is great for the whole family.  My 2 year old loves it as much as my 6 year old.  It would make a great birthday present for a friend and it's great for boys and girls.  Olaf is loved by all! :)

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