Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Perfect Football Birthday Party | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

My 6 year old decided he was too old for a Disney themed birthday party this year.  While this did break my heart, we still had to have a party.  He decided to have a football party.  It wasn't just any football party, it was a Decatur High School football party.  
Being the youth minister at our church, I have several students who play varsity football and are varsity cheerleaders.  I got them to help with the party activities and it was a blast!  Originally, we were going to have the party in our backyard but having a January birthday makes outdoor birthdays questionable.  When I was talking with one of the football players, he suggested I call the head coach.  Luckily, I'm good friends with the coach and he allowed us to come to the football field house for our party!  

party food: cupcakes, cake, chex mix, popcorn, rice krispy football shaped treats

We brought a few decorations, footballs and the party food.  He provided the helmets, jerseys, mats, and hitting dummies.  The boys practiced football drills such as hitting, running, catching, and throwing.  The girls did jumps, cheers, stunts, and tumbling.  The little brothers just ran around like fools!
While this wasn't a Disney themed party, it was one of my favorites because we were surrounded by so many different friends and family members.  The kids had a blast playing and we all ate too much!  Originally I wasn't going to post about it since it wasn't a Disney party, but decided someone out there may benefit from it!

party favors: squishy footballs and football shaped chocolates

Cake: Decatur High Football field with the "D" being
the same that's on the 50 yard line.

Coco Krispy Treats in a football shape with icing stitching

practicing hitting

offense and defense

running drills

"tackling" drills

stunts with the cheerleaders

Little Brothers goofing off!

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  1. Love it! Sometimes the best parties are the simplest. I fear the day my kids tell me they don't want a Disney themed party.