Friday, August 28, 2015

Walt Disney World Freebie Friday: Electrical Water Pageant

One of my favorite "Freebies" at Walt Disney World is The Electrical Water Pageant.  This is a free, floating water parade on Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon that runs nightly starting at 9:00pm- or as soon as the 9:00 fireworks at the Magic Kingdom are over. It can be canceled if there are high winds or inclement weather. 

This water parade started in October of 1971 and has run continuously as a popular attraction since. Every night, 14 barges totaling 1000 feet long, containing thousands of lights strung on mesh screens, float across the lake playing synthesized music from Disney animated movies. The lights form different shapes such as King Neptune, various creatures such as dragons, dolphins, seahorses, dinosaurs and octopi (I'd rather say "octopuses, but that's not correct!). The end of the parade is a salute to America with the Stars and Stripes on the barges. The bright lights and synthesized music from the Electrical Water Pageant inspired Disney Imagineers to create a parade for Disneyland and Walt Disney World called the Main Street Electrical Parade!

The Electrical Water Pageant can be viewed from the following resorts at these approximate times:

Polynesian - 9:00 pm
Grand Floridian - 9:15 pm
Wilderness Lodge - 9:35 pm
Fort Wilderness - 9:45 pm
Contemporary - 10:05 pm
Magic Kingdom (only during extra magic hours)- 10:20 pm

You can also see the parade from the entrance area of the Magic Kingdom near the loading dock for the ferry boats. Check with guest relations or a cast member to inquire about the best area to view the Electrical Water Pageant!

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