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Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess {Book Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I received a free digital copy of Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess in return for a review on my blog.

Having three boys, I don't deal with the "princess movies" very much.  When we do watch one of those movies, it's usually Brave or The Princess and the Frog.  Tiana and Merida are "cool princesses" according to my middle son! Maybe it's the archery or the amphibians that make these girls cool.  

When I was asked to review the book, "Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess," my initial thought was, "This doesn't apply to my all boy, non-princess watching, dirt, soccer and baseball family." Then I thought outside of my world and realized some of my friends, family and readers may benefit from a book like this, so I accepted!

I was sent this book to review on our Kindle. Honestly, I am not a digital book fan.  I am old school and still like to physically hold a book and use a bookmark!  However, for this book, the Kindle version was fine! :) 

When I first started reading, the dedication page made me smile.
"Being a Princess is not really about looking beautiful or wearing a crown... it's about who you are on the inside."
I was sold.  This quote was perfect!  I even tell my boys All. The. Time. it's about what is on the inside!  As I got farther into the book, I found chapters that really spoke to me and my ministry at church.  I tell my girls in youth some these same principles often:

  • Have a Good Attitude.
  • Work and Faith Go Together.
  • Be Confident in Yourself.
  • Explore Your Talents.
  • Always Find a New Dream.
  • Family is Worth Fighting For.
  • Kindness Goes a Long Way.
  • Control Your Reactions if Not your Feelings.
  • Don't Settle For Less Than Love.
  • Fight for Your Love.
And this list is just some of the 34 chapters in this book.  There are three sections in the book: "Dealing With Yourself", "Dealing With Life and Others", and "Dealing With Love and The One."

Each of the chapters are easy reads.  In fact, if I did have a daughter, I would read one chapter a night to her before bed.  I think a tween girl could handle the material in this book.  It would set a good basis before they hit the dreaded preteen/ teen years! Each chapter has adorable photos of little girls in Disney Princess dresses.  When I see pictures like this I do want a daughter... then I'm quickly reminded why God gave me boys! :)

For more information about this book and the author, you can read the Media Release below. 

Princesses Can Be Good Role Models
Yes, Sweetie, You Can Be a Princess shows us how to use the princess movies our girls adore to teach good life lessons.  With fun role models, and the right guidance, our girls can be strong, independent, happy young ladies…and a princess, too!

Buried in tiaras, glass slippers, and tulle?  Have that once-cute-but-now-nauseatingly-annoying song stuck in your head because it’s been playing non-stop for three days?  Sometimes we feel overwhelmed by the princesses that seem to be invading our daughters’ lives. 

However, with some real thought, we can see that those same perfect-haired, poufy dress clad, musical virtuoso’s are, in fact, good role models for our daughters.  Instead of just letting their eyes gloss over with glitter and sometimes less than creative lyrics, our girls can be gaining some great guidance for their lives. 

The princesses are wonderful examples on a variety of subjects, ranging from developing yourself, learning to deal with others, facing what life has to throw at you, as well, of course, as some good, realistic lessons on love.  We just need to take the time to see it, and explain it to our girls so that they can learn the great lessons that are right there in front of them for the taking. 

About the Author
Jennifer Kitchens is a noted author and an established reviewer.  She has a B.A. in Anthropology from Brigham Young University and is a stay-at-home mom.  Jennifer’s love of her children, and all things Disney, inspired her to write her thoughts on what can be taught to our daughters from the countless hours they will likely spend anyway watching princess movies. 

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