Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Disney's Teen Beach 2 Listening Party | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I received a free Teen Beach 2 Party Pack to host a Listening Party in return for a review on my blog. 
There is no better way to end the "Best Summer Ever" than by having a Teen Beach 2 listening party!  When this movie was released on June 26 on The Disney Chanel, we were so excited! We enjoyed the first movie from 2013 and anxiously awaited Teen Beach 2.
When we were asked to host our own Teen Beach 2 Listening party after the movie released we were thrilled!  My 6 year old immediately started making out the list of who we would invite. Then life happened.  Delivery delays, vacations, surgeries, and more kept us from hosting our party in a timely manner.  But, we were finally able to have the party on August 30. 

We weren't able to use the Teen Beach Evites, but we were able to create our own "Luau" invitations for our party through Evite.   This online service is great for invitations.  You create your invitation with the details, create your invite list using email addresses and hit send. Guests can RSVP on the Evite web site and the host can add additional details such as if guests can bring friends, if kids are coming, or if guests can share the Evite with others.  They even offer a social media share button!

Once Evites were sent, we were ready to go!  Our Teen Beach 2 Party Pack included the following supplies:

- Five Teen Beach 2 Soundtrack CDs

- 18"x24" movie poster
- Five temporary tattoo sheets
- Five woven "Save the Beach" bracelets
- Five 7" dessert paper plates
- Five 12oz. disposable cups
- Five colored Hawaiian leis
- Mesh bag

This was perfect for 5 little friends to have an end of the summer party! We listened to the Teen Beach 2 soundtrack, danced, ate sandwiches, played outside, drew with sidewalk chalk and ate chocolate cake! Each guest was able to leave with their own copy of the soundtrack, a lei, a bracelet and a tattoo sheet.  You can see the party supplies at the Disney Channel Music Store.
Since having our party, we have been listening to the soundtrack each day on the way to and from school.  Our favorite songs are track 1, Best Summer Ever and 9, Gotta Be Me.  Here is the complete list of songs on the CD:
1. Best Summer Ever
2. On My Own
3. Right Where I Wanna Be
4. Falling for Ya
5. Wanna Be With You
6. Twist Your Frown Upside Down
7. Silver Screen
8. Rescue Me
9. Gotta Be Me
10. Meant to Be (Reprise 3)
11. That's How We Do
12. Starting Over
13. On My Own
14. Best Summer Ever
15. Gotta Be Me

I received a free Teen Beach 2 Party Pack to host a Listening Party in return for a review on my blog. 

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