Saturday, September 19, 2015

The Healthy Tailgate, #Auburn Style | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

With fall comes many of my favorite things: Halloween, Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party, Food & Wine Festival at Epcot, cooler temperatures, Thanksgiving, and my favorite~ College Football and Tailgating!  Specifically, tailgating in Auburn, Alabama on the campus of Auburn University, my alma matter. 
I love a good tailgate.  I actually prefer it to the game itself... except I miss the pre game stuff inside the stadium when I'm tailgating- the cheerleaders, Aubie the mascot, the AU Band, and the flight of the Eagle.  I LOVE pregame almost as much as I love tailgating. Tailgating is the perfect time to catch up with family and friends who all share the same love of Auburn plus we get to watch Game Day on TV surrounded by our favorite foods!

When we tailgate at Auburn, it's a production.  Days of emails and texts are sent trying to coordinate who will bring what to eat and drink, who will be driving, who will bring the tent, chairs, TV and satellite and who will be bringing kids.  When kids are present there is a whole new level of things that need to be packed: wagons or strollers, extra shakers, games, coloring books, stuffed animals and plenty of money to buy souvenirs at the bookstores and fresh squeezed lemonade at Toomer's Corner.
I think everyone's favorite part of tailgating is the food.  We always have PLENTY to choose from including healthy choices (bottom L) and not so healthy choices (bottom R).  
Some of my favorite healthy choices on gameday always include fresh veggies with hummus and fruit.  My family could eat their weight in raw veggies and fruit!  I'm always sure to pack each of these.  Other favorites include pretzels, trail mix, peanut/ raisin/ M&M mix, mixed nuts and black bean salsa dip with tortillas.

Recently, I learned about and their choices for healthy snacks.  They believe "you don't have to 'fumble' when it comes to your food choices on game day."  I think it's important for families who are celebrating their favorite college or pro team to not worry about packing on the pounds and expanding their waistline during football season.  In addition to my favorite healthy snacks I traditionally take to tailgate parties, there are a few new healthy snacks I want to try this season which include baked kale and baked sweet potato chips, strawberry fruit leather, and cinnamon apple chips.  I found all of these recipes on a Paleo site! 

So, this football season when you are tempted to turn to all the junk food that is hanging out at your tailgate, turn to "Touchdown Jesus" and ask Him for guidance in your food choices! :)  (Yes, we made our own Auburn version of Touchdown Jesus.  If Notre Dame can have one, so can we!)

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