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Disney Themed Wonder Forge Games for Christmas {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I received free products from Wonder Forge in order to review for my blog. 
The opinions expressed here are my own.

Many weeks ago I was sent two awesome games from Wonder Forge for my boys to play and for me to write a review on my blog. As you can tell from the frequency of posts the past few months, our life is hectic and my blog has taken a back seat to life. I honestly forgot about the reviews, so first I need to apologize to Wonder Forge for the tardiness of this post! Second, THANK YOU!  We all love these new games and if you are needing some last minute Christmas presents, these are awesome!
The first game is "Roarin' River."  This is a game based off the movie, The Good Dinosaur.  Please don't judge this game based on the movie!  My 6 year old and I both disliked the movie but we love this game.  This was a great game of teamwork.  All of us were working together to help get us all safely down the river without the flood getting us.  When one of us would get a 'help token' we were so excited because we knew it would come in handy later in the game.  We never knew who would need saving, but we were all eager to use it when needed.  

I liked this game for my boys because they were working together. When the youngest got to the end of the river first, there was no taunting or tears because he had won.  We all knew the game wasn't over until we were all safe at the end of the river.  Even though he was "safe", had one of us been swept away by the river, the game was over and we all would have lost.  At the end of the game high fives were passed around and I was asked if we could play it again.  It was definitely a great game for my ultra competitive children to learn the importance of team work!

The second "game" we received was actually an activity book from Disney Imagicademy.  This particular book was "Animals Explore the World with Creative Activities!" The ages printed on the cover say 4+.  My 6, almost 7 year old LOVED this book.  My 3 year old loved the pictures and activities, but needed a lot of supervision and explanation.  Along with the activity book, you receive a roller stamper, magnifying glasses, colored pencils, UV glow pen and sticker sheets. Each page of the book requires at least one of these "tools" in order to complete the activity.  My youngest loved adding the stickers to the pages.  My 6 year old enjoyed the "Mad Lib" pages (and yes I had to help with this) and using the UV glow pen.  They were each having so much fun completing the activities, they had no idea they were actually learning at the same time.

One complaint I did have about this was the roller stamper.  We used it on the first day.  The red and blue stampers worked great. The yellow and green were very weak.  Then, just two days later my son went back to use it again and it had completely dried up. We had the pen put back together properly and it was stored in the zipper pouch inside the book.  There is no stamp pad, so I guess once you use the ink that is originally included in the roller stampers, it's done.  That was a let down for my boys.  Other than that, it's all been a hit!

If you still need a present for a child in your life, I suggest both of these from Wonder Forge!  The Roarin' River game, found at Toys R Us, was a lot of fun and the Imagicademy activity book, found at Target, is great!  This would be a fabulous gift for a kid who has a trip to Disney in the future.  These activities could keep anyone busy on a plane or car ride to Orlando!

I received free products from Wonder Forge in order to review for my blog. 
The opinions expressed here are my own.

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