Sunday, January 31, 2016

Magic Kingdom Attractions: Hall Of Presidents | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

The Hall of Presidents in Liberty Square at Walt Disney World opened on October 1, 1971. This phenomenal attractions features all 43 of the Presidents of the United States of America sharing the history of our country. This building is modeled after Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Prior to entering the show, you will have an opportunity to view several unique artifacts from past presidents. In the main theatre, you will find three massive screens that show a film of the history of our country including wars, presidential speeches, and historical events that helped shape our country.  After the film, the screen will rise and all 43 presidents in audio-animatronic form will be introduced. This is an incredible sight for me! Presidents George Washington and Barack Obama give speeches about the American Dream. Abraham Lincoln delivers his Gettysburg Address.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Walt Disney World Freebie Friday: The Monorail | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

"Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas." This is one of my favorite phrases from Walt Disney World.  If you have ever ridden the FREE monorail transportation, you've heard this phrase. The monorail is a public transit system at Walt Disney World that opened on October 1, 1971. At Walt Disney World, there are three lines: Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Resort Lines. The resort line will take you to the Grand Floridian, Polynesian, Contemporary, and Magic Kingdom.  The Magic Kingdom line will take you from the Ticket and Transportation center to the Park. The Epcot line also goes from the Ticket and Transportation center to the park.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Magic Kingdom Attractions: Country Bear Jamboree | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I'll be honest, it's been a long time since I've visited Country Bear Jamboree. In fact, I don't think any of my boys have ever seen it. This is one of the last attractions Walt Disney personally helped develop. This show was planned to be a part of a Disney ski resort in California that was never built. The bears moved to Florida and opened on October 1, 1971 when Walt Disney World opened. The singing bears have been performing ever since!

Located in Frontierland, this 16 minute show, staring 18 animatronic hillbilly bears on 5 stages, brings music, laughter and fun to guests in Grizzly Hall. You can expect some knee slapping, hoedown singing and corny joke telling throughout the show. Grizzly Hall is an indoor theatre that seats a lot of people and is a great place to relax! 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Fantasia Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

This weekend we watched the third movie in our 2016 Movie Resolution, Fantasia. This Walt Disney movie was released on June 21, 1940. In 1940, this was a very bold move for Walt Disney to combine animation with western classical music. This movie originally was meant to be a short to boost Mickey Mouse's career, since it had declined in popularity, but instead turned into a full length movie. The film has eight animated segments all set to classical music conducted by Leopold Stokowski and performed by the Philadelphia Orchestra. 

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantasia Broom Bag Craft | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

This weekend we watched Fantasia as part of our 2016 New Years Resolution to see all the animated Disney movies in order. To accompany our movie, we made broom bags to hold our popcorn. Sorcerer Mickey would be proud!

Materials needed:

  • 2 brown paper lunch sacks
  • scissors 
  • string
  • popcorn
  • large pretzel rod

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Minecraft Birthday Party Invitation | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I can't believe it's already time for birthday party #7 for C-man. Last year was the year he "outgrew" a Disney themed party and went with a football theme.  This year, Minecraft won out.  I don't even get what Minecraft is all about!  So we are in full planning mode for our party next month.  The invites are finished and pinning has begun for the rest of the party!  Stay tuned for more!!

Happy Birthday C-man!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Cars Birthday Decorations | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Decorations for many of my Disney themed parties include gathering all the toys, stuffed animals, and books I can find with the movie characters.  For our Cars party, that's exactly what I did! I found all the Cars characters we had between the boys and used them on the tables and across the mantle.  Big E has a Cars area rug in his room, so we incorporated that as well.  Prior to the party, I found several metal Cars/ Radiator Springs signs at Hobby Lobby and used those too.  

Monday, January 18, 2016

Pinocchio Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

For the second movie night of 2016, we watched Pinocchio.  This movie was released in 1940 and neither of my boys had seen it before.  It was fun to see them so excited about this movie.  While they have seen the characters in the parks, they weren't familiar with the story.  There are so many great lessons in this movie!

There are lots of great foods and snacks you can make to go along with this movie.  We chose to make it VERY simple!!  We got pretzels for "Pinocchio's Nose", chocolate covered raisins for "Jiminy Crickets", and whale crackers as "Monstro."  My boys mixed up all three to make trail mix.  We looked for star shaped marshmallows to represent "When you wish upon a star" but had no luck.

Other ideas would be to serve Stromboli for dinner.  You could also use goldfish crackers for "Cleo."  Blue punch would be great as "Blue Fairy Juice."  Cotton Candy is a treat to represent Pleasure Island.  My favorite would be to use large pretzel rods and dip them in melted white chocolate and sprinkle blue sprinkles on it to be the Blue Fairy's wand.

What ideas do you have for snacks at a Pinocchio Family Movie Night?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Cars Birthday Party Activities and Favors | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

On a beautiful fall day with 11 kids ages 3-6, they really just want to run around and "play." So that's what we did!  I had several Cars themed games ready to go, but all they wanted to do was swing, do the zip line, and draw with sidewalk chalk... so that's what we did!

 Since the little ones didn't want to play any of the games I had planned, I had my middle son play them after the party just to share here!

Friday, January 15, 2016

Walt Disney World Freebie Friday: Email Pictures | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

At Walt Disney World there are several places where you can send a FREE picture or video home from an attraction.  

In Epcot, at Test Track, you can make a 15-second commercial of the design of your car and then email it home to share with family and friends.  When we did this on our last trip we emailed our commercial we created home.  I didn't realize I should have saved our video because it only lasts for 30 days.  Sadly, I don't have ours anymore.

On our last family trip, November 2014, we were able to take a photo at Innoventions attraction "Where's the Fire?" presented by Liberty Mutual and email it home.  This is what our email looked like:

In the ImageWorks area of The Imagination Pavilion, there are kiosks where you can create your own Figment dragon.  You can choose a head, body, and wings for your dragon then add color and a name.  Once you finish this, you can email him home or to family and friends.

Two other areas in Epcot where I've read you can email photos home, but I have not done it myself, are at Mission: SPACE and the Mexico Pavilion.  At Mission: SPACE in the Advanced Training Lab, you can create a space-aged postcard video to send home.  I'm not sure if the Mexico Pavilion still offers this, but at one point in time they would take your picture and let you insert the photo into a video postcard to send home.

Do you know where else at Walt Disney World where you can have free pictures or videos emailed home?  I'd love to hear in the comments!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Car's Birthday Party Food | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

To me, the best part of a birthday party is the food!  I love looking for cute, creative ways to incorporate food into a party that will also stick with the theme. There are all sorts of great ideas out there that I've included on my Pinterest board.  Here are a few of my favorites I used at our Cars Party when my son turned three!
 Mater's Tow Cables (Twizlers)

   Dinoco Dip Sticks (chocolate dipped pretzels)

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Magic Kingdom Attractions: Splash Mountain | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides at Walt Disney World. This attraction is located in Frontierland beside Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Splash Mountain opened July 17, 1992, and the Official Dedication was held October 2. This ride is a very unique ride that uses over 100 animatronics who sing and tell the story of Br'er Rabbit during the "dark ride" portion of the ride, it includes the thrills of a 5 story drop, it's a flume ride that's approximately 1/2 mile long that WILL get you wet, and is 11 minutes long! 

Monday, January 11, 2016

Snow White Movie NIght | A Disney Mom's Thought

Movie #1 in our 2016 Resolution is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I honestly can't remember the last time I saw this movie. C-man saw it in preschool and Big E had never seen it. We had a great time watching this movie together!  Big E really enjoyed it and C-man had a fun time connecting the movie to The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Walt Disney World!  He has not seen the movie since riding this roller coaster last May.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

2016 Disney Resolution | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

This year, we have the same ole resolutions as everyone else: exercise more, lose weight, eat healthier, manage our finances better, etc. etc. etc.  In addition to the same resolutions as everyone else, my youngest boys and I decided to make a Disney Resolution too.
Disney Resolution

Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's Been Topsy Turvy! | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

January 6th, 3 days ago, was technically Topsy Turvy Day~ according to Clopin from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.  For me, it feels like it's been "Topsy Turvy Year!" I can honestly say I'm glad 2015 is over and it's 2016!  

While 2015 brought us a lot of great things, it was also a rough year.  First, the great things: my quick day trip to Walt Disney World for a Braves spring training game, a trip to our first (and now last) Star Wars Weekends, a fabulous Cars birthday party, a fun Football birthday party, dressing up as Toy Story characters for Halloween (all of us, even dad!!), fun memories with the family, trips to the lake, starting first grade, playing soccer, t-ball and basketball, and more.  The not so great things included my foot surgery and rehab and changes at work that affected me in many ways.  With these issues and restructuring at work, a lot of changes happened to me including stress, headaches, crying, and medication.  During this time a lot of things were put on the back burner such as this blog, friends, and my health.  Luckily during the past few months, I have been able to concentrate on my family, health and my friends. 

Now, I'm ready to concentrate on my blog and get back into doing what I love- writing about Disney and sharing my thoughts about my happy place!