Thursday, January 14, 2016

Car's Birthday Party Food | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

To me, the best part of a birthday party is the food!  I love looking for cute, creative ways to incorporate food into a party that will also stick with the theme. There are all sorts of great ideas out there that I've included on my Pinterest board.  Here are a few of my favorites I used at our Cars Party when my son turned three!
 Mater's Tow Cables (Twizlers)

   Dinoco Dip Sticks (chocolate dipped pretzels)

 Nuts & Bolts (M&Ms and Peanuts)

Mater's Tater Chips (Ruffle) and Flo's French Onion Dip

Finn's Fruit Snacks (Cars Gummies)

White Wall Tires (Powdered Donuts)

Luigi's Tire Tower (Chocolate Donuts)

Sally's Cozy Cones (Bugels)

Motor Oil (Sweet Tea) and 
Filmore's Organic Fuel (Blue Hawaiian Punch)

Birthday Cake



Happy Birthday Big E!!


  1. Such great ideas! Happy Birthday little guy! :)

    Kari Scott
    Editor & Social Media Manager

  2. Thanks Kari! We had so much fun with this party and look forward to whatever the next theme may be! :)