Sunday, January 24, 2016

Fantasia Broom Bag Craft | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

This weekend we watched Fantasia as part of our 2016 New Years Resolution to see all the animated Disney movies in order. To accompany our movie, we made broom bags to hold our popcorn. Sorcerer Mickey would be proud!

Materials needed:

  • 2 brown paper lunch sacks
  • scissors 
  • string
  • popcorn
  • large pretzel rod
This is how we did it:
 First open the first bag up and flatten the sides. Then cut strips down the bag, cutting through both sides as you go, stopping right before you get to the bottom.  
Next, open the second bag and cut strips, about 2 inches into the top of the bag all around the opening.
Put the second bag with the fringe in the top into the bottom of the first bag with the slits cut almost to the bottom.  Then fill the bag half way with popcorn. 
Once the popcorn is in, put the pretzel rod in the top of the bag and gather the bag around the end of the pretzel rod.
It took me a while to realize the easiest way to gather the long fringe/ strips from the outer bag was to turn the bag upside down. As you hold the inside bag around the pretzel rod, think of the outer fringe as girls hair and you are creating a ponytail! Once all the strips are around the pretzel rod, secure it with string.
Now you're ready for Fantasia Movie Night with your family!

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