Friday, January 15, 2016

Walt Disney World Freebie Friday: Email Pictures | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

At Walt Disney World there are several places where you can send a FREE picture or video home from an attraction.  

In Epcot, at Test Track, you can make a 15-second commercial of the design of your car and then email it home to share with family and friends.  When we did this on our last trip we emailed our commercial we created home.  I didn't realize I should have saved our video because it only lasts for 30 days.  Sadly, I don't have ours anymore.

On our last family trip, November 2014, we were able to take a photo at Innoventions attraction "Where's the Fire?" presented by Liberty Mutual and email it home.  This is what our email looked like:

In the ImageWorks area of The Imagination Pavilion, there are kiosks where you can create your own Figment dragon.  You can choose a head, body, and wings for your dragon then add color and a name.  Once you finish this, you can email him home or to family and friends.

Two other areas in Epcot where I've read you can email photos home, but I have not done it myself, are at Mission: SPACE and the Mexico Pavilion.  At Mission: SPACE in the Advanced Training Lab, you can create a space-aged postcard video to send home.  I'm not sure if the Mexico Pavilion still offers this, but at one point in time they would take your picture and let you insert the photo into a video postcard to send home.

Do you know where else at Walt Disney World where you can have free pictures or videos emailed home?  I'd love to hear in the comments!

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