Monday, February 1, 2016

Dumbo Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Movie number 4 in our 2016 Resolution to watch all the Disney Animated Movies was "Dumbo."  This was one we have all seen several times.  Last year, we even had a "Dumbo" birthday party so we had all the things we needed to pull off this movie night with ease!
Before we watched the movie, we had to get our snacks together. This time, we chose "Jumbo Jr. Pretzels."  Soft pretzels are always a favorite of ours at Walt Disney World, the circus, sporting events, and anywhere else they are sold! It was easy for us to tie this treat into the movie. We also had Circus animal crackers. We used these as party favors at our Dumbo birthday too!  There are so many fun, creative snacks to go along with this movie.  You can find some of them in my birthday party post or on my Pinterest page!

Dumbo wore out our youngest!
Dumbo was released on Halloween in 1941.  Watching this movie gave us several opportunities to talk. We talked about how the other elephants treated or mistreated Dumbo and how Ms. Jumbo responded. The Stork brought up questions about "where baby animals come from." My standard answer of "God wanted them to have a baby" didn't work this time because Ms. Jumbo didn't have a husband, according to C-man.  I was able to dodge it a little while longer!  Then, the song, "Pink Elephants on Parade" led to an interesting conversation too!  This was the first time I was asked by the boys why Timothy and Dumbo were acting silly, what made them do this, and what are Pink Elephants.  "Don't drink, kids!"

What's your favorite part of Dumbo? 

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