Monday, February 15, 2016

Saludos Amigos Family Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Saludos Amigos was released in Rio De Janeiro on August 24, 1942 and in the USA on February 6, 1943. This weekend was the first time I had seen this movie. This was the 6th movie on our Resolution List and we really enjoyed this one! As we settled down to watch the movie, I brought out Choco Tacos for a snack. This was also a first for us!  A new movie and a new snack all in one weekend!
This movie is set in Latin America and features Donald Duck and Goofy. Jose Carioca, the Brazilian parrot,  was introduced in Saludos Amigos. The movie is only 45 minutes long and has both live action and cartoon elements. It's broken down into 4 segments: 
  • Lake Titicaca, where Donald Duck visits Lake Titicaca, mingles with the locals, and meets a llama.
  • Pedro, a short about a small airplane, Pedro, who has to pick up mail from Argentina and bring it back to Chile while dealing with Aconcagua, the tallest mountain outside of Asia, a vulture, and plane trouble.
  • El Gaucho Goofy, American cowboy Goofy is taken to Argentina to learn how to be a Gaucho.
  • Aquarela do Brasil, this means Watercolor of Brazil, and that is exactly what the cartoon is about. A watercolor paintbrush paints the scenes of South America and Donald Duck meets his new friend Jose Carioca. 
Our favorite part of the movie was the last segment, Aquarela do Brasil, which will lead us into our next movie, Three Caballeros!
Maybe Big E will stay awake for the next Family Movie night!! :)

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