Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fun and Fancy Free Family Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Fun and Fancy Free is actually the 10th movie in our 2016 Disney Movie Resolution. We had to skip Song of the South because we don't have it... yet. I have a friend who is letting us borrow it soon!
Fun and Fancy Free was released on September 27, 1947 as another Disney "Package Film" (feature-length compilations of shorter segments). This film has two segments: Bongo and Mickey and the Beanstalk. Jiminy Cricket is the host as he walks through a house and comes upon a doll, a bear, and a record player. This begins Bongo- a story about a little circus bear who makes it to the wild and falls in love. 

Following Bongo, we see a little girl at a live action birthday party with a man, Edgar Bergen narrating the story of Mickey and the Beanstalk with is two ventriloquist puppets, Mortimer and Charlie. This is basically the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, but with Mickey, Goofy, and Donald. These three are living in Happy Valley where the magic harp, who sings to make the valley happy, is stolen. In desperation, Mickey sells their last cow for 3 magic beans. Donald throws them in anger and they fall down a hole. That night the beans sprout and carry the tiny house, with the three inside, up to Willie the Giant's castle in the sky.

While I had never seen Bongo, I remember watching, singing along with, and laughing through Mickey and the Beanstalk as a child with my brothers. We loved singing and dancing to Fi Fi Fo Fum and watching the VCR tape in slow motion as Willie sneezes! My boys enjoyed this just as much as I did.
There are so many fun things you can do for dinner with a Fun and Fancy Free Family Movie Night! You could always have a huge feast like you find at Willie's castle. Pot Roast with Pistachio gravy would be best! :) Or you could try to make a bean sandwich with as thin sliced bread as you can find and a pinto bean cut into slices. 

Instead of a dinner, we went with snacks again. In the above photo (taken while the movie was playing) we see Jiminy Cricket with a glass of what seems to be raspberry lemonade and a plate of white birthday cake. We decided to have white Little Debbie cakes and raspberry lemonade. We also had several other "easy" snacks- Pistachios for Willie's "green gravy", green beans (yes, my son eats them raw!) for the bean stalk, and chocolate Teddy Grahams for Bongo the bear! 

What would you do for a family movie night with Fun and Fancy Free? I'd love to hear in the comments!

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