Thursday, March 10, 2016

Hollywood Studios Attractions: The Great Movie Ride | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

The Great Movie Ride at Disney's Hollywood Studios opened on May 1, 1989 when the park opened. Located at the end of Hollywood Boulevard, you'll find a full scale replica of Hollywood's Graumann's Chinese Theatre which houses The Great Movie Ride. Outside the Theatre, you'll find hand and foot prints of legendary Disney characters. Once inside the theatre, you'll find memorabilia, such as props and costumes, from many notable movies including Mary Poppins and the Wizard of Oz. One area of the queue includes a huge movie screen showing clips from popular movies from the past- many of these movie clips will also have appearances in the actual ride. 

Once you get on the tram to experience the attraction, you'll find scenes from many of your favorite movies. Disney has used over 50 audio animatronics to portray scenes from movies such as Tarzan, Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins, Casablanca, Alien, Singin' in the Rain and Raiders of the Lost Ark. You'll see celebrities such as Dick Van Dyke, Sigourney Weaver, John Wayne, Julie Andrews, Humphrey Bogart, Gene Kelly, and more. Along with scenes and celebrities, you'll experience almost every movie genre including cartoon, musical, western, romance, horror, action, adventure, and gangster. 
One of the best part of this 22 minute attraction is that you don't know which scenario you will get! There are two options: cowboy or gangster. Without giving away too much, your tram driver will be involved in one of these two scenes! My favorite part of this attraction is the sentimental film montage at the end. I find myself laughing, crying, smiling, and jumping as hundreds of movie clips are shown to highlight classic movie moments throughout history. 

  • This attraction is for the entire family, however, young children may find parts of this ride to be scary (Aliens, snakes, the Wicked Witch, gangsters, shoot outs, etc.)
  • Bring a small flashlight (keychain size) for young children to turn on if the dark portions of the ride are too intense.
  • The best time to ride this is first thing in the morning, during the parades, or in the evening.
  • If the line is outside the theatre, consider returning. Once inside the theatre, expect the line to be about 25 minutes- but it doesn't seem that long since you are watching movie clips for a good portion of the wait.
  • The trams hold about 70 passengers each, so the line moves quickly.
  • If you have a preference to the cowboy scene or the gangster scene, talk to a cast member!
  • If you have older children who won't be afraid of the Gangster or Cowboy, ask the cast member if you can sit on the first or second row and the Gangster or Cowboy will talk to your kids during the ride!
  • This attraction is wheelchair accessible. Guests in ECVs can remain in their vehicle and be seated in row 12 or may transfer to another row.

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