Friday, April 22, 2016

Walt Disney World Freebie: Parking | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

FREE parking at Walt Disney World is reserved for a select group. Do you know if you are part of that group? If you are staying on Disney property at any of the resorts, you can park for FREE at any of the theme parks, water parks, Disney Springs, or other resorts. As long as you have your resort parking pass in the window, you park for FREE! Today, it costs a car $20 a day to park in the theme park parking lot. Click here for info on WDW parking.

If you do choose to drive to the parks instead of taking Disney transportation, make sure you note which lot and row you're parking in. At the end of the day, all of these lots tend to look the same when they are full. I always take a picture of the end of our parking row (above) and the sign that designates our lot (below).

Another FREE thing you'll get to experience when you park in a parking lot is the parking lot tram. This tram will shuttle you from your lot to the front of the park. It will help you save your walking for inside the park. Click here for some tips for the parking lot trams.
One last tip... if you do drive your car, you can tie a mylar balloon on the antenna to help you easily identify your car in the parking lot (above). Kinda like using a ribbon on your stroller handle to identify your stroller in the parks.

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