Monday, August 22, 2016

Sleeping Beauty Family Movie Night | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Sleeping Beauty was our next Family Movie night as a part of our New Year's Resolution. This movie was released in January of 1959. She was Disney's third princess following Snow White and Cinderella.

Surprisingly, my boys LOVED this movie. They had not seen it prior to this viewing. I was worried it would be too girly for them but it wasn't. Disney did a great job making this princess movie appealing to boys too through the humor and fighting scenes. Mine thoroughly enjoyed the end of the movie when Prince Phillip battled the dragon. They were actually jumping up and down cheering for Phillip.

For our snack, we made Sleeping Beauty Snack Mix.
  • Pretzel Sticks- fairy wands
  • Mini Vanilla Wafers- spinning wheels (Or you could use Honey Comb cereal)
  • Marshmallows- pillows for Aurora
  • Cheetos- Dragon's fire
  • Hershey Kisses (True Love's kiss)

You can find additional games and activities on Disney Movies' web site for Sleeping Beauty.

What's your favorite part of Sleeping Beauty?

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  1. Sleeping Beauty is one of our favorites. My daughter loves Aurora and chose an Aurora costume as her one souvenir from our most recent trip to Disney World. I love the Sleeping Beauty snack mix. How clever!