Thursday, October 20, 2016

Elf Magic Elfcapades with Raleigh and Grover 2015 | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

On Tuesday I introduced you to Raleigh and Grover, our Elf Magic Elves. These two little guys have become such a fun part of our Christmas traditions. Last year, we had a lot of fun seeing what they would get into. If you are doing Elf Magic or Elf on a Shelf and need ideas, feel free to use these... I got most of them off Pinterest anyway! :)
They told us they were back written with candy!

Tic Tac Toe with marshmallows and food writer markers!

Can you make a snowflake out of Q-tips?

Caught sleeping in the Kleenex box!

Dec. 1 means 24 days to Christmas... elf sized countdown chains.

Apparently Elves have good jokes!

Snowmen out of marshmallows!

Notes on the bathroom mirror with Expo Markers!

Christmas bows all over the kitchen!

"Fishing" for goldfish crackers in the decorations!

$1 for each boy to buy their elves favorite foods! 

Write a letter to Santa along with Christmas push pops.

Rudolph noses on the boys photo!

Solo Cup Christmas Tree

A Photo Album remembering 2014 Elfcapades.

Elf Kisses for the boys!

Silly String fight in the kitchen!

Santa "Minecraft" masks!

Door Signs with the boys names made to look like Christmas lights.

Ninja Turtle masks for the elves!

Star Wars Elves complete with "Light Sabers"

Toilet Paper Races down the hall!
AHH! They took the stockings and hung up our undies!

6 candy canes hidden in the room for each boy!

Gummies to eat while watching a Christmas movie AND cookies from Mrs. Claus!

A note telling us to go get donuts with Milk Magic Straws!

The Elves in our manger with all the Jesus figures from our nativity sets!

On Christmas morning, the Elves left us a Happy Birthday Jesus cake! 

What are your favorite Elfcapades? 

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