Monday, October 24, 2016

Elf Magic Elfcapades with Raleigh and Grover 2014 | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Last week I shared with you our Elf Magic Elfcapades from last Christmas. Today, I'm going to share what happened in 2014. This was the first year Raleigh and Grover, our Elf Magic Elves, came to visit our house during Christmas. We had so much fun with these guys and look forward to what they have in store this year!

If you are looking for ideas for your own Elf Magic or Elf on the Shelf Elves, feel free to use or modify what happened at our house.... most of these ideas are from Pinterest anyway! 

The Elves arrived with a letter from Santa instructing the boys to clean out their toys and donate to charity. 

After donating toys, Santa sent candy canes!

hanging in the Christmas tree

The elves got into our candy and ate the smarties!

The elves decided to ride the rocking horse!

It was time for the elves to visit Jesus in the manger scene.

The elves came back from the North Pole with oversized football helmets!

Just hangin' around.

Marshmallow wars complete with "forts".

They gathered some friends from around the house and hung out in the stockings.

Those silly elves were waiting for us in the car!

The elves are back in the tree, but this time they brought new ornaments for the boys!

They colored some awesome pictures for us and left blank ones for us to color.

They visited our bathroom and left Rudolph themed chap stick.

This morning they made us all hot chocolate and left kisses for us.

Apparently mom didn't put away the camera because during the night they took a selfie with every Santa in our house!

We woke up to Elf playing in the DVD player and popcorn ready to eat!

They rolled our tree!

This was messy! They made paper snow flakes and snow angels in sugar on the table!

Looks like they found the wrapping paper and wrapped themselves up!

When the boys forget to give Raleigh and Grover crackers and water, your elf stays where you left him the night before. :(

They were caught climbing crepe paper streamers in our den!

The perfect meal for elves: spaghetti noodles, gummy bears, M&Ms and pancake syrup.

On Christmas Eve morning, we found the elves in our empty manger reading about baby Jesus from the Bible.

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