Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Elf Magic Elves at Christmas | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Most of my friends have the Elf on the Shelf at their house. While I'm not "against" the Elf on the Shelf concept, I thought there had to be a better option than an elf spying on your kid all day and not being able to be touched. That wasn't for me... plus there had to be a way to tie the TRUE meaning of Christmas into the Elfcapades...
Enter Elf Magic. These elves are not creepy, in fact they are cute! You can get boy or girl elves and you can choose the color hair your elf has. You can also love, hug, and play with these elves.  But the best part is that the poem that comes with these elves tie in the story of the birth of Jesus. I mean, come on... we wouldn't even have Christmas and elves without Jesus!

We have two elves that come visit our youngest boys each year: Raleigh and Grover. These elves come to you with a name, like the Cabbage Patch kids did do. Each night you leave the elves a cracker (which reminds them of the crunch of the snow at the North Pole) and water (which reminds them of melting snowflakes). Then you sprinkle them with magic north pole snowflakes which come with the elf.  While your child is sleeping, the elves report to Santa on what a good day your child had and return by morning usually doing something silly or bringing a small gift.

We I had so much fun with our Elves that when we started counting down to our Walt Disney World vacation, Santa sent Chewbacca to help us count down in an Elf Magic way!

Stay tuned later this week to see all the Elfcapades Raleigh and Grover got into the past two years as we anticipate their return this year!

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