Friday, October 14, 2016

Lady and the Tramp at Walt Disney World | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

After watching so many Disney animated movies with our New Year's Resolution this year, I began thinking about how many movies don't have representation in the parks.  I wish more had a presence in the parks.  While I have never seen Lady and Tramp walking around for meet and greets, they do have quite the presence to be over 60 years old!

If you want to see glimpses of Lady and Tramp at Walt Disney World, there are a few key places you need to go: Pop Century Resort, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, and Hollywood Studios.

At Disney's Pop Century Resort you can find oversized statues of both Lady and Tramp (see above photo).

In the Italy pavilion at Epcot, depending on the time of year, you may spot Lady and Tramp topiaries.

While I've never eaten at Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano at Disney's Hollywood Studios, I've read that there are subtle nods to Lady and the Tramp inside this restaurant.
But, if you are really wanting to get a good feel for Lady and the Tramp at Walt Disney World, you need to head to Magic Kingdom Park and visit the Town Square area on Main Street USA.  As you enter the park head to the right side.  You'll find Tony's Town Square Restaurant.  This is the restaurant where Lady and Tramp ate spaghetti.
 Inside the restaurant you'll find the movie Lady and the Tramp playing in the lobby/ lounge area non stop. Once you are seated, you'll see a statue of the pups in the middle of the restaurant and other pictures of the couple around the room.

 Here's a little secret I recently experienced... if you want Lady and Tramps "autograph" ask the hostess or your waiter.  They will take your autograph book or paper to the back and when Lady and Tramp have a break from eating spaghetti, they'll "sign" your book! 
TIP: You don't even have to eat at the restaurant! Just take your autograph book to the hostess stand and ask for the autographs!

 One of my favorite "Hidden Gems" inside Magic Kingdom Park is the paw prints outside Tony's Town Square Restaurant that Lady and Tramp made while the concrete was still wet! While it's not exactly like they did it in the movie, it's still a nice detail to look for.  When you are facing the front of Tony's, look to the left.

 While you won't be able to meet Lady or Tramp at Walt Disney World, you can meet Tony. You know, the restaurant owner and character from the movie! I was lucky enough to meet him during our 2012 trip. We arrived to Magic Kingdom Park early for the Welcome Show and when everyone else was rushing into the park to get in line for their favorite attraction, we took our time hanging out in Town Square.  Tony was at the bottom of the stairs leading up to the Railroad.  Below you can see him serving Lady and Tramp in the movie.

The last nod I know of to this movie is hidden in the sign for The Chapeau shop on Main Street.  The sign for this shop is actually the pink box with the blue bow that Lady came in! You can read more about it on Touringplans

Check out what we did at home for our Lady and the Tramp movie night!

What is your favorite nod to Lady and the Tramp at Walt Disney World?

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