Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Protect the Pridelands Game {Review} | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

We have a new "favorite game" at our house. It's called Protect the Pridelands by WonderForge and it can be purchased at Target. This game is perfect for my boys, ages 4 and 7, to play together. In fact, we all play together and it provides me with the perfect opportunity to discuss strategy with my boys. This game is not like others where you are competing against the other players to win. In this game, everyone works together to accomplish one goal- to move Kion to the top of Pride Rock before the outlanders take over. When we all work together, there is no fighting or tears involved!! That's a win win for all of us.

In this game, everyone works together. Players take turns turning over a card. The images on the card determine what you are to do in the game. Most of the cards have you do two things: move one of the Lion Guard characters and one to the outlanders, which are the hyenas, snakes and vultures. The Lion Guard characters, Fuli, Beshte, Kion and Bunga are protecting the Prideland while the Outlanders are trying to take over. Players have to strategically think about which move would be best for the overall success of the game. I like that this gives me a chance to think out loud with my boys and show them how to strategize in the game. I can do this by posing questions to let them decide which would be best in the long run.
The only thing about this game I don't like is Pride Rock. It's made out of cardboard that "slides" together to form the rock. After several times of setting up and taking down the game, the rock became a bit flimsy and eventually started to tear in places. I wish it had been made out of hard plastic that popped together to form the rock. 
Overall, I think this is a great team building game for kids. My boys love it because it's fun, they can work together, and the characters are some of their favorites.  If you need a good game for a birthday party or Christmas gift this year, this is a great one for both boys and girls.
Thanks to Wonder Forge for providing the game for my review. I didn’t receive anything other than the game and this is my honest review.

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