Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Six Things Every Mom Needs To Do Before A Disney Trip | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

Let's be honest. While you do have to take vacation time off of work to go to Walt Disney World, it really isn't a vacation.  At least it isn't for my family. When we go to any Disney park we hit the ground running and we don't stop. We are there when the parks open and we usually shut them down too. We don't take breaks, unless you count the times we sit on the curb to hold our spot for a parade, and we don't take naps, unless you count the short snoozes during particular attractions. Being the mom, I'm typically the last one to bed and the first one up each morning trying to get everything done for everyone else. When we get home from our Walt Disney World vacation, we need an "at home" vacation to rest from our trip and prep for the next work day!

So, to properly prepare for a Walt Disney World Vacation, so that it actually feels like a vacation, I suggest every mom do the following things before leaving home.

1. Get a mani/ pedi.
2. Get a facial.
3. Get rid of any unwanted facial hair: lip, brows, etc.
4. Get a massage.
5. Get any hair color/ roots touched up.
6. Take a long, hot bubble bath.

Depending on your budget, after you have paid for your Walt Disney World vacation, you can pay a professional to do these things for you or you can do them yourself in your own home. Have fun, relax, and pamper yourself before you leave on your magical Disney vacation. I promise you'll appreciate it later! :)

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