Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Why Book With A Disney Travel Agent? | A Disney Mom's Thoughts

I am over the moon excited to announce to all of you that I am now a Disney Travel Specialist with Exclusive Travel Partners! After 7 years of having this blog and sharing my love of Disney through writing, I decided to share my love of Disney by helping others create memories that will hopefully lead to their own love of Disney. 

Why should you let me help you book your Walt Disney World vacation?  Let me tell you why:

1) It's FREE! It won't cost you any more money to book with a Disney Travel Specialist. I am paid by Disney after you travel, not by you. You can call Disney directly and they will give you the same quote I will but...

2) I can save you money. If Disney releases a discount code for the week you are traveling, I can apply that to your reservation and work to get you a lower cost. These discounts can come in the form of rooms, food, or tickets. I will keep a watch on all the discounts to see if any can be applied to your vacation.

3) It saves you time. By allowing me to help book your Walt Disney World vacation, I can save you time by booking your actual vacation, your special bookings such as Pirates and Pals Fireworks Voyage, your dining reservations, and Fastpass+ reservations. Dining reservations can be made up to 180 days prior to your vacation and Fastpass+ reservations 30-60 days early, depending on where you are staying. You can relax and maybe sleep a little later when I book these things for you.

4) It's personal. When you have a question or need suggestions about your vacation, you will be talking to me, not a random person sitting in a cubicle in a call center. I will spend time getting to know you and your family, your budget, your expectations, and your needs. We will work together to make your vacation the best it can be for your family.

5) My Knowledge & Experience. I am a graduate of the College of Disney Knowledge. I've received hours of online training through Disney and will continue to have this training. I have been traveling to Walt Disney World since 1983 and have been sharing about these experiences on my blog for 7 years. I've learned that planning a first time trip to Walt Disney World can sometimes be harder than planning a wedding! Very few vacations require as much planning and prep work.

6) You're supporting a small business. Disney pays the travel agency. So when you don't use a Disney Travel Specialist, you are paying Disney for something you are not using. Take advantage of the work I can do for you in making your vacation as magical as possible.

Please email or call (256) 476-2065 to start planning your Disney vacation!


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