Saturday, November 25, 2017

Top 10 Tips To Help You Not Lose Your Mind With Your Christmas Elves | A Disney Mom’s Thoughts

  1. Keep it as simple or elaborate as you want.
  2. Have a plan for your elf. Make a list of all the “things” you may have your elf do during the season.
  3. Buy any supplies needed for your elfcapades at one time and have them ready to go.
  4. Make a calendar of what your elf will do each night.
  5. Note when a child is sleeping at a friends house so the morning they are away the elf isn’t doing anything too grand that he’ll miss out on.
  6. Be flexible and willing to change plans last minute.
  7. If the elf has the kids do something- like a scavenger hunt- don’t do this on a school morning.
  8. Set up a reminder on your phone if you need help remembering to move or stage your elves.
  9. Don’t stress about outdoing your friends elves. Pinterest has some amazing ideas you can copy!
  10. If you have an Elf Magic Elf, make sure YOUR KIDS remember to give it water and a cracker each night! Put that off on your kids… if they forget, don’t move the elves. The kids will quickly remember to do their job!

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